Compassion-driven communication
Inspired by compassion, we are developing user-centered software for patients, doctors and nurses, helping them to communicate online

Modern healthcare software provider

At NetMedi, we improve communication and information flow in healthcare by combining the most advanced technologies with the close involvement of doctors, nurses and patients in our product development process. This ensures that our user-friendly solutions truly deliver value to our customers.

Enabling patient-centric care

Kaiku is an online platform that guides the patient individually through cancer treatment and recovery, and helps the care team to improve outcome-driven care by providing up-to-date patient data.


"Through Kaiku, a patient is treated instead of the illness."
"Kaiku brings the relationship between our patients and institute even closer."
"Fundamentally easier to use different metrics for quality of life in the follow-up of the patients."
"Non-urgent communication can be taken care of, when it best fits the schedule of the working day."
"Utilizing this kind of communication solution is a part of the modern treatment."
"We treat over 70% of our members online"